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Tablet Compression Tooling

ECO Tool Line

  • Engineered for products with normal wear behavior and standard pressing forces
  • Normal service life
  • Available for Euro B, D
  • Possible coatings: CUSTOMISED
  • End-to-end testing to ensure conformity with the requisite
  • parameters – simple
  • the inclusion of data in dispatch certificate
  • Made in Germany

PRO Tool Line

  • Engineered for high-volume manufacturing, including abrasive and challenging products
  • Capable of achieving very high pressing forces
  • Above-average service life
  • Materials tailored to the specific application
  • Specially adapted coatings
  • Available for all tool types
  • Full measurements and documentation in dispatch certificate, including detailed dimensions relating to the shaft, diameter, functional size, overall length, head height, and diameter, as well as tip diameter

Our application engineer would be happy to advise you in person about the many different application areas for our tried and tested PRO Tool Line and the new SHAPER ECO Tool Line.

Tool Coating

Besides hardness, break resistance and corrosion resistance of the base material, the surface coating plays an important role in optimising and reducing wear, and sticking and picking tendencies.

At our coating center we have focused our research and develop­ment efforts mainly on these two areas. As a result, today we are well equipped with a variety of unique, micro-fine and almost non-porous surface finish coatings. These coatings increase lifetime, reduce wear and enable the surface separation of tablets made from difficult, sticking prone powders.

Multi-Tip Tablet Tooling Manufacturer

The best quality of SHAPER PHARMA TOOL is particularly important for Multi-Tip and Pelleting Tools. Designed to the highest quality standards, SHAPER precision tools will always deliver the perfect performance. Owing to their consistent operational length and exact pressing dimensions, our multi-tip, and pelleting tools are capable of producing perfectly uniform tablets even during high-speed processing.